For when life hurst too much not to change.

Professional Services


Public speaking

I am happy to speak to your group about a variety of topics.  ALWAYS free to churches and religious organizations; a negotiable fee for businesses and for-profit groups.  Topics of my seminars/workshops include:

  • Substance Abuse
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Family Systems Challenges
  • Stress Management
  • Using Spirituality to Create Lasting Change and Healing

Planned events

See Facebook @thrivingtherapy for more detailed event information


June 21- Vine Valley UMC "Addiction, Recovery and Faith"

June 2- Victor/Farmington library "dear stress, let's break up"

march 15- austin physical therapy's monthly wellness night- managing pain without chemicals 

February 22- private Training on confidentiality for grace house (cayuga county)

february 5- Private training on borderline personality disorder for a BRIGHTon Presbyterian church group

January 20- Victor/farmington library "Anxiety and DEPRESSION: Preparing for a better 2018"

January 18- Presentation to a support group for aphasia

january 17- Private training on stress management


November 16- victor/farmington library "Dear Stress, let's break up."

october 19- women's wellness umbrella workshop "Self-esteem"

October 5- Addiction, recovery, and faith

september 14- women's wellness umbrella workshop



training & Consultation

My experience as a clinical supervisor of an agency regulated by NYS has given me confidence in being able to provide quality services within often limiting regulations. I am enthusiastic, competent, and confident in teaching and leadership.

  • TRAINING:  I am happy to train your group or staff on issues related to substance use disorders and mental health concerns. 
  • CONSULTATION: When I come to your office/agency I offer a time of listening to your needs and desires, observe the culture of the agency, offer techniques and creative ideas to improve your quality of services and staff morale, and more.