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Congratulations on being ready to make change in your life! Change can be uncomfortable, scary, and sometimes a windy journey. However, change can also be: growth, empowerment, and healing. Participating in counseling/therapy is one way of seeking the necessary changes to feel at peace with your life. No matter your age, change is possible and you deserve it.

  • Mental health care is healthcare, pure and simple. When struggling with feeling like you're brain is "wired wrong" or not fitting in with the world around you, it can seem that no one understands. But know this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I'm right there with you, and I want to help.

    • Part of managing mental health symptoms is taking care of your whole body. I am a Certified Mental Health Integrated Medicine Provider. In the scope of my practice that means that I can work with you to make nutritional and supplemental changes that support mental health (without pharmaceutical intervention or in combination with

  • If you have ever felt that alcohol or drug use is causing difficulty in your life, let me help! If you love someone who's alcohol or drug use is worrying you, let me help!

    • Problems caused by substance use disorder: guilt, shame, strained relationships, lost jobs, criminal justice involvement, eviction, depression, anxiety, and on and on.

    • Problems caused by your loved one's substance use disorder: sleep disturbance, worry, anger, fear, physical ailments from stress, strained relationships, lost work productivity, and on and on.

  • Family therapy often means looking at issues such as boundaries, patterns of communication, the 'roles' people have and both written and unwritten family rules. In my experience, families often find the work to be challenging - but also rewarding and even, at times, fun!

  • For couples who are engaged to be married, or are looking to revitalize their marriage, I am certified by Prepare-Enrich to help! For more information about this couples program, visit