For when life hurst too much not to change.
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Testimonials from clients



“From Clients

Jennifer has true compassion and kindness. Once I met her, I knew that she had the demeanor I was looking for in a therapist for my teenage daughter. She was very astute when helping my daughter deal with several issues, especially her anxiety. Jennifer helped my daughter as well gear up for big challenges and changes in her life, namely college. Jennifer and my daughter have formed a a bond of trust and connection. To any parent who believes their child would benefit from counseling, I would highly recommend Jennifer.
— Mary Anne
Jennifer is a blessing; she is professional, humorous, and thought-provoking. She meets clients “where they’re at” to provide meaningful, creative, practical solutions. I highly recommend her!
— Jackie
Jennifer’s demeanor is perfect for my daughter. She is kind and caring, and totally affirms my daughter’s feelings. I can’t remember the last time she was so comfortable sharing private info with anyone.
— Anonymous


You excell at working with individuals with very complex substance use disorders, in particular, individuals with psychiatric disabilities, traumatic brain injuries and chronic orthopedic conditions requiring highly skilled pain management interventions.

With respect to disabled, chronically homeless individuals, you’ve skillfully coordinated their treatment protocols with the requirements of lawyers, judges, court personnel, jail officials, prisons personnel, probation and parole officers. You have excelled at working with invididuals viewed previously as too dangerous for assistance by others. You have helped to keep numerous individuals at very high risk of death alive and successfully housed.
— Mary McLaughlin, PhD
I can tell you that Jennifer has so much integrity, compassion and is willing to go the extra mile for her clients
— Carol Colvin, Treatment Court Coordinator